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Since the very first day, eitimad.com is striving for excellence.
Now, we have added another milestone into our profile

Eitimad is Now Authorize Retailer in Pakistan of  Asus, Corsair, BenQ, Casecom & Gigabyte

Our vision is the essence of what we practice at Eitimad.com. Our social, technical, and management aspects have principles, and focus on adaption of services that our customers want in spite of, molding their expectations.

We believe that our customers are not just an entity, but we proudly introduce a concept of listening to customers and delivering the services with ingenuity and dedication that our customers confidently trust and value.

Since the very first day eitimad.com emphasizing on dealing in only channel and 100% sealed products with the best quality management and after sale services throughout the Pakistan. We have developed expertise and our aim is to achieve a high standard of service to our customers.

  • Now, our customers can buy
    • Asus – Motherboards | Mouse, Keyboards and Other Gaming Peripherals | Graphics Cards or Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)
    • Gigabyte – Motherboards | Mouse, Keyboards and Other Gaming Peripherals | Graphics Cards or Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)
    • Corsair – Mouse | Keyboards | CPU Casings or Cases | Power Supplie Units (PSU) | Headsets & other Gaming Peripherals
    • BenQ –  Mouse | Gaming Monitors, LEDs, LCDs | other Gaming Peripherals

With the 100% customers satisfaction and without any tension of warranty claim of the products.

Warranty Claim Structure:

As you may have noticed, Eitimad.com has its own legacy regarding warranty claim. Our customers should notice some key terms that we want to define to make warranty claim process easier.

  • Eitimad Customers – Refer to them who have bought directly from eitimad.com.
  • Other Customers – N/A
  • Claimant – Refers to the authorize body for warranty claim in Pakistan, Authorize party service center or regional office that does the repair/replacement

Steps for the Claim

There are four steps regarding warranty claim.

  • Step 1:  For,
Eitimad Customers – Simply note your Order No. mentioned on the receipt and send us email at warranty@eitimad.com or Call us at +92 306 1393 033. Our representative will contact you as soon as we receive your query.
  • Step 2:

If your product is eligible for warranty claim (Not Burned, Not Broken), then you will be notified whether you may send us or get the warranty claim by visiting our care centers in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Multan

  • Step 3:

Wait, it depends on the issue you are facing (Normally it takes 10 – 15 Days), you will be guided throughout all the process from sending to receiving.

  • Step 4:

It is last step and by this you will get your issue resolved, replacement or refund. In sha Allah.

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