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A recent survey shows that online shopping is growing fast in Pakistan. One can buy almost everything Just with a click. However, there is an obstacle, of knowing the warranty and quality of product, for which customers care about. Most of the customers have faced warranty related problems & services for the products bought online. So, ones who care about warranty and do not want risk, usually ignore online shopping.

If you are one of those, DO NOT WORRY, you can ignore warranty issue while shopping at Eitimad.com.

In this post, I am going to explain different qualities / types of products being sold online.

Products listed online generally come with different warranty terms. Eitimad.com clearly list products with warranty terms and their quality / type. If you check this before ordering a product, you can ignore most of the troubles.

Before knowing the types of warranties there is a need to understand the category of product being sell online:

  1. Channel Products:

These are the products that are authorize to be retailed in your region, via its authorized distributor – dealer – retailer. These products come with a warranty which is valid at all of the care centers all over the country & worldwide.

  1. International Warranty Products:

These are the products that haven’t been offered by company in your region or country. These products do come with warranty which is not valid in your country, but worldwide.

  1. Refurbished Products:

Actually, refurbishment is distribution of refurbished products ranging from electronics / electricals to workaday needs.

Refurbished products are those products which have been returned to a manufacturer/vendor for different reasons and normally tested for functionality and defects before they are sold. To some extent these products may be repaired from manufacturer for resale.

There is a difference between “refurbished” and “used” products: refurbished products have been tested to authenticate their functionality, and validated that they are free of defects, to the other hand used products may or may not be defective.

Refurbished products may be unused and returned by customer, or maybe defective and have been returned under warranty.

There are some other types of products that may consider as refurbished such as products that have been used in field, display at showrooms/outlets for demonstration, products that have been returned because of some reasons other than malfunctions, products that have been returned, because of the box damage or product itself damaged while shipping, leftover products that maybe being sell by a downsized company

It is to be noted that different industries may offer many types of refurb products, but widely accepted definition of refurb products is that the exact refurbishment may vary from one product to the next, or one company to the next.

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